Azealia Banks Always More Provocative, Discover How She Will Transform Her Dead Cat


Azealia Banks never ceases to shock her fans. The young woman notably decided to reveal how she will transform the bones of her dead cat.

Recently, Azealia Banks filmed herself digging up her dead cat to cook it in broth. The singer did not hesitate to share the video on her Instagram account before it was deleted. Horrified by this gesture, many Internet users expressed their disgust on social networks. Others were more worried about the star, convinced that she needs psychological help. The interpreter of “212” obviously does not seem to care about opinions about her. As proof, she has just revealed how she will transform her dead pet.

Azealia Banks took to her Instagram story to explain to her fans what she planned to do with the remains of her cat called Lucifer. The 29-year-old young woman thus revealed that she was going to create earrings with the bones of the jaw of her animal, and more particularly an ear cuff which means “ear cuff” in French. “It’s fashion,” she added. A whole program that already makes its fans talk. And yet, the beautiful brunette does not care about attacks against him. Lately, Azealia Banks responded cash to criticism following the release of her disturbing video.


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