Bella Thorne Defends Armie Hammer From Cannibalism Charges


Armie Hammer accused of cannibalism: Bella Thorne comes to her defense on Instagram, claiming it’s all a hoax.

2021 opened with disturbing allegations against Armie Hammer. The actor was accused of cannibalism after some Instagram chats with some girls went around the web. In these alleged conversations, the protagonist of Call Me by Your Name refers to some of his fairly graphic fantasies, which also include cannibalism. After these heavy accusations, the actor has given up on the film Shotgun Wedding, while declaring that it is only a lie. Bella Thorne also came to support him.

The actress has decided to talk about the situation, publishing an Instagram story dedicated to the actor. Bella Thorne’s words were as follows:

“I honestly can’t believe it… People are really crazy to get to fake these things. This poor boy and his children…  leave his family alone . He can’t possibly be a cannibal. Plus there are millions of fake screenshots out there. “

Ex-wife and ex-girlfriend against Armie Hammer

Bella Thorne, therefore, wanted to take the side of Armie Hammer, contrary to what the actor’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriend did. The former, Elizabeth Chambers, who divorced him in July 2020, said she believed the victims, even though she was unaware of this alleged side of the ex-husband. The story between the two, however, ended due to the repeated acts of infidelity by Armie Hammer.

Courtney Vucekovich, the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist of Call Me by Your Name, said instead that Hammer once told her he wanted to “break the ribs and cook them on the barbecue. ”

When he gave up Shotgun Wedding, Armie Hammer said: “I don’t answer those stupid claims, but in light of the violent and false attacks on the net against me, I cannot in good conscience leave my children for 4 months to make a film. in the Dominican Republic. Lionsgate supports me in this and I am grateful to them. ”

But the news does not end there.


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