When Lupine Season 2 Premieres And What Is Known About Its Continuation


After finishing the first episodes of Lupine, many wonder how and when this series will continue.

we informed you about the series that is succeeding the most in recent days on Netflix and how despite arriving with hardly any advertising and being a French product, a country that does not succeed especially in Spain, it has swept since it was released on the platform. Lupine has managed to win over the public and those who have seen her await Part 2.

The series about a thief whose work is inspired by the character Lupine, created by Maurice Leblanc, has managed to capture the attention. Much is said about how these stories have been updated since the tribute and the freshness with which they have managed to convey the story.

The current white-collar thief is played by Omar Sy, co-star of Untouchable, who, like other classic characters, knows how to bring charisma and freshness to an agile series that has arrived in the first season with only 5 episodes. But when will the rest be released? There will be more?

Fortunately, we have good news for fans of Lupine, the second season (or Part 2) is in full swing and will repeat in the aspects that most interest viewers: Omar Sy will continue to star in the series and the filmmakers will be the same as in the episodes that have been seen, George Kay and François Uzan.

From Netflix, they were in charge of starting the filming as soon as possible. According to the little information that is available in this regard, as with the first batch, it will consist of another 5 episodes and the story will continue as they left it, on the beach. We will not say more to avoid revealing information to those who have not seen it, but it will be a direct continuation.

This has an explanation: it had not been proposed that it be divided into two seasons, but the coronavirus pandemic forced the filming to stop and they made the decision to release it in two parts.

At the moment the premiere date has not been advanced, but everything indicates that it will be at the end of this year by not wanting to delay too much the conclusion of a series that should have arrived in a single season. Now it remains to be seen if the story is self-concluding or will have later seasons, but that will be difficult to find out before 2022.


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