Disenchantment Season 4: Release Date, Story And Everything You Need To Know!!


Disenchantment is available in its entirety on Netflix! If you want to know when will season 4 be released? , keep reading! The world of fantasy can be infinite, slowly sinking into our minds and hearts. Disenchanted Netflix anime is no different. Traces the story of its impulsive protagonist Bean, a princess from the medieval kingdom of Dreamland. She is joined by an elf named Elfo and a poisonous personal demon named Luci. Upon its release in 2018, it received mixed reviews. Some called her charming, and the other half were not impressed with her story.

Although it was not fully appreciated. Fans loved his quirky humor that gave the fantasy world that the show has created an edge. Thus, it managed to span three seasons. After season three, viewers look forward to a disenchanted season 4 with more dark comedy and adventure. Will there be a Season 4 of Disenchantment on Netflix? Here is everything we know.

What Is The Release Date Of Season 4 Of Disenchantment On Netflix?

Disenchantment season 3 launched on January 15, 2021, on Netflix. It consists of ten episodes that last 25 to 33 minutes each. With its growing popularity with audiences, season 3 was reasonably expected.

In October 2018, the series was renewed with an order for an additional 20 episodes divided into two parts. The first ten episodes aired as season 3 of the Disenchantment franchise. Therefore, the other ten episodes must air as season 4. But regarding the Season 4 Release Date, there is no news yet. Netflix is also known for announcing the series’ premiere date for an upcoming season just days before its official launch. Therefore, in all likelihood Disenchantment Season, 4 Release Date should be set in early 2022.

What Can We Expect From The Future?

In season 3, Odval attempts to dethrone Bean’s father, King Zøg, and turn Derek, Bean’s half-brother, into the king. King Zog is in the grip of ruthless madness. But Bean finds a way to talk to her and is crowned the new Queen, much to Odval’s disappointment. An army of ogres captures Elfo, who is later taken away.

Season 4 of Disenchanted will most likely be dedicated to Bean and her duties as the new queen. She is inevitably destined to take on challenges that will test her patience and strength. He will also have to find a way to bring back Elfo, now perhaps trapped in a territory or colony occupied by the Ogre Nation!


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