Emma Thompson and Lashana Lynch in the cast of Matilda’s Netflix remake


Emma Thompson as Miss Trinciabue and Lashana Lynch as Honey teacher in Matilda’s Netflix remake of the musical

Netflix has announced two new members of the cast of his remake of Matilda the Musical, based on adapting the British in 2010. The plot of the novel Matilda, from which it was taken, is known worldwide thanks to the classic film adaptation of years ’90 with Danny DeVito and Mara Wilson. The streaming platform has unveiled some names of the official cast.

These include Emma Thompson as Miss Trinciabue, and Lashana Lynch, as Captain Marvel, who will play Miss Honey, Matilda’s teacher. The latter will be played by Alisha Weir and will reprise the role of the girl with a vivid imagination, telekinesis powers, and a love of reading.

The film will be directed by Matthew Warchus, who also handled the production of the 2010 musical, with original music by Tim Minchin.

But you may remember that Ralph Fiennes was chosen to play Miss Trinciabue in this remake of Matilda.

Ralph Fiennes replaced by Emma Thompson as Miss Trinciabue

In May Netflix announced that the role of Miss Honey would be played by Jodie Comer. However, the streaming platform has changed the faces of its cast, without explaining. One news that surprised everyone in October was that Miss Trinciabue would be played by Ralph Fiennes, an actor who plays Voldemort in Harry Potter.

However, even in this case, Netflix has chosen not to carry on the remake of Matilda with this actor in the cast. The streaming service took a step back with the choice of these two actors, announcing Emma Thompson and Lashana Lynch instead.

Working Title’s Tim Bevan and Erin Fellner produce the film with Jon Finn and Luke Kelly of the Roald Dahl Story Company. The first time the musical from which the film is based debuted in 2010 is thanks to the Royal Shakespeare Company, only to arrive in the West End in 2011 and on Broadway in 2013.


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