Armie Hammer Excited By Violence? His Funny Confidences About The Day He Almost Got Stabbed Resurface


According to some unexpected old confidences of Armie Hammer, the actor has always been drawn to violence in his relationships with women.

The controversy is only in its early stages. In recent days, Armie Hammer has been accused of being a follower of cannibalism with violent sexual tendencies. Testimonials about the actor’s behavior are pouring in on social media and they are more disturbing than ever. For his part, the hero of Call Me by Your Name denies outright and refuses to comment further on the content of the messages he would have sent to several young women in recent years. Today, old statements by the comedian resurface and suggest that he has always been excited by violence in his relations with the opposite sex.


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During an interview with Elle magazine in 2013, Armie Hammer had indulged in surprising confidences about his intimate life: “A girl tried to stab me when we had sex. She told me ‘L “True love leaves scars. You don’t have any.” And then she tried to stab me with a butcher’s knife. Of course, I quickly broke up with her … Seven months later. ” Words that seem to confirm the actor’s penchant for violent sex. And the revelations don’t end there. An ex-girlfriend of Armie Hammer recently made a shocking confession about her attraction to cannibalism.


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