Drake Subtly Reveals Part Of His Anatomy On The Web, Causes Fan Hysteria


Unexpectedly, Drake subtly revealed part of his anatomy on social media, causing fans to hysteria.

If very recently Drake had become the laughing stock of the web because he was unrecognizable, the interpreter of Laugh Now Cry Later this time around for a very different reason. While many stars have somehow found something to take care of during confinement, the 34-year-old Canadian rapper has not been idle and has meanwhile bet everything on the sport. Yep, Drake has spent hours in the gym and the least we can say is that the results are here. Very proud of his new figure, he did not hesitate to share a snapshot of his transformation in his Instagram stories.

Only here, if his initial idea was to show his impressive biceps, it is another part of his body that has aroused the interest of Internet users. Looking a little lower, fans quickly noticed the artist’s private parts then perfectly visible under his jogging: “You know very well that no one is looking at his arms”, “There were muscles in this photo? Because? that I was looking down… I was looking down, “He just wanted to show off his package “,” His muscles are the last thing I’m looking at right now … ” we could read on social media. Drake who admits to having been injured when Rihanna dumped him has not finished surprising his fans.


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