How, When And Where Gigi Hadid Found Out She Was Pregnant With Her First Daughter


We still don’t know her name or what her face is like, but we do know the day her mother found out she existed.

Although they know that half the planet is waiting to know everything about their first daughter, for now, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik prefer to continue to keep their little girl completely away from prying eyes. And we are not only talking about the fact that they have not yet published a single photo of the little girl since she arrived in the world in September but because we do not know, we do not even know what they have decided to call her.

Of course, it is necessary to recognize the couple that despite all this secrecy that surrounds their experience as parents from time to time they dare to drop a garment. For example, when was the specific day the model found out that she was pregnant. Something that he will remember all his life and about what he just spoke openly on his official Twitter profile.

Everything has happened after Gigi published some photos in her Stories remembering several of the fashion shows in which she participated in 2020. Among them, the one she starred in for Jacquemus during Fashion Week in Paris on January 18, which has been which led a fan to ask her on Twitter if she knew that day she was pregnant.

“I found out the day before I walked for Tom Ford,” the model replies. “I felt very nauseous backstage but I learned to half control them by eating continuously, so my mother prepared me some snacks before each parade,” explains Gigi, who accompanies her confession with the emojis of a baguette and a cheese, giving understand that his whims consisted of that very French snack.

With this reply on the table, all you had to do was find out when Tom Ford held that parade. It was February 7 in Hollywood. In other words, Gigi heard the good news on February 6, 2020, just a few weeks after working in Paris. Mystery solved.


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