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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Writers Confirm Even More Delays For The Series

The number of Netflix, Lucifer has faced several delays to take his fifth season viewers last year. Filming was interrupted on episode 16 of the hit series due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Then, when production was able to begin once again and the show was able to end, the Lucifer series was hit with further delays caused by the pandemic in post-production.

Many expected the series to launch on Christmas 2020. However, now the writers have confirmed that there are still more delays on the way. Given the latest news, Lucifer fans will be wondering what impact this could have.

A release date for Lucifer has not yet been confirmed and since all eight episodes are not finished yet, it could be a bit more. Netflix usually announces the release dates of its shows a few months before they hit the platform.

Based on the fact that there has been no news yet from the Netflix platform about Lucifer, it could mean that it will be a few months before the new episodes are released.

To help calm down Lucifer fans, co-executive producer Mike Costa has been revealing what fans can expect while awaiting the release of the release date.

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