Armie Hammer Is A Regular Drug User, The Contents Of His Secret Instagram Account Revealed


Armie Hammer is once again at the heart of the controversy! For good reason, the content of his secret Instagram account has been revealed and his regular drug use is exposed.

According to the chilling revelations of an ex-girlfriend, Armie Hammer has disturbing cannibalistic tendencies. In recent days, the American actor has been at the heart of a huge scandal. Several young women have testified to her disturbing fondness for violent intercourse and her fascination with blood. Allegations were quickly refuted by the main concerned, who however decided to abandon his next film in collaboration with Jennifer Lopez. But if the hero of Call Me by Your Name thought to find a semblance of peace away from the media madness, it is not. And for good reason, the shocking content of his secret Instagram account has leaked onto the Web!


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On this page where he is followed by only 14 people, Armie Hammer fully assumes his drug use. Under a post revealing that he was forced to take a drug test to see his kids, he writes: “Everything’s negative, you bastards. My body is a finely tuned toxic substance processing unit. to be honest, I had THC and benzodiazepines (an anxiolytic) in my urine. But who doesn’t ” before adding under another post: ” Divorce is nice. Not as nice as the drugs. But what is. ” Contacted by Page Six, the representative of the star did not wish to react. Elsewhere in the news, discover the funny confidences of Armie Hammer on the day he was almost stabbed.


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