Ben Affleck Drowning His Sorrows In ESTO For His Separation From Ana De Armas Represents Us


This break seems official, although the ‘ confirmation ‘ has come in a somewhat unexpected way. No, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are no longer together and she is already looking for a house on the other side of town from her former partner. But the paparazzi do not give up in their efforts to find the most shocking image of this separation and today he arrives with Ben leaving the door of his house to pick up an order for Dunkin Donuts. Let’s see, it is not impacted, but it does shed some details on his mood: we see him thinner, a little haggard. And drowning their sorrows in smoothies and donuts. Cheer up, Ben!

It is the first time we have seen Ben since they began to talk about his breakup with Ana. Sources close to People say that it has been all ” mutual and completely friendly ” because they are at different times in their lives. And that between them there is a lot of love and respect but that, for now, Affleck wants to continue focusing on himself and that they are happy and want to continue with their own thing.

Okay, People, but you will recognize that throwing the cardboard effigy of Ana de Armas in the trash like this has been a bit ugly … Meanwhile, each one has professional projects insight that will keep them busy enough not to have time to think about all this.

Ben Affleck picking up his Dunkin order from his front door reminds us of a very similar scene, on New Years’, that went viral. The actor tried to do the same and the donuts fell off and could not cover everything in both hands, something that Twitter raised as the best representation of how catastrophic 2020 had been. What they did not know is that there was also going to be a small personal catastrophe in this couple just days later.


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