Chris Hemsworth (the Avengers) much too sexy, the triggers fan hysteria on the web


Chris Hemsworth once again sparked fan hysteria by posting an ultra-sexy shot on the Web.

Sexy? Chris Hemsworth certainly is and he did not fail to disturb Natalie Portman on social networks last month. It must be said that the interpreter of Thor in the Marvel universe is known to have more than an impressive physique that many envies. The 39-year-old actress is not the only one to fall for Elsa Pataky’s husband and it is not the millions of fans of the latter who will say the opposite. Fitter than ever, Chris has once again made his followers dream by posting on his Instagram account a photo of him shirtless which caused a mass reaction.


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Dressed in simple swim shorts alongside Elsa and two of their children, the Australian actor turned the heat up a notch. Completely seduced, Internet users commented: “You can see his abs from space”, “I love the fact that he has become Thor in real life”, “You are on top Chris!” could we read in particular. But Liam’s older brother isn’t the only one to have caught the eye, Elsa Pataky has also been a big buzzword: “Can we just take a minute to admire Chris’s super-muscular wife? Wow!”, ” Look at those arms! I’m not talking about yours, Chris “. Elsewhere in the news,


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