Do You Remember The Scandal Of The False Spanish Identity Of Hilaria Baldwin? Well, Another Victim Has Just Claimed


Far from calming the waters, one of the most bizarre stories that this 2021 has given us continues to bring a tail.

Among the multitude of strange phenomena that the first weeks of 2021 are giving us there is a story that no one, not even the most expert futurologists, could have predicted: the discovery and subsequent scandal caused by the false Spanish nationality of Hilaria Baldwin.

The reason? That after decades of boasting of being born in Mallorca and having resided in our country until he was 19 years old, he did so in Boston. And not only that. The story that his mother was of Spanish descent was also a lie. Both of her parents are upper-class Anglo-Saxon professionals who did come to live on the island, but only a year before she and her husband Alec Baldwin met.

Of course, anywhere in the world, this would not go from being the typical white lie to being special. What everyone does on social media, just taken a little further. But in the United States, cultural appropriation is a very serious and sensitive issue. Hence, this murky affair is already having serious consequences not only for Hilaria but also for the rest of her family.

And it is that if a few weeks ago we found out that a famous brand of baby products that Hilaria promoted from time to time in her social networks had terminated its collaboration contract with her; Now it is her husband who has had to make a drastic decision to avoid that the attacks on the family end up affecting him more than he wanted.

This was just announced by the actor himself, who, establishing a certain parallel with Donald Trump, the character he has been imitating for four years with great success on the Saturday Night Live program, leaves Twitter indefinitely. Of course, the company itself has not closed his account as they have done with the tycoon, but it has been he who has chosen to leave until further notice.

“Twitter is like a party where everyone is yelling at each other. Come on, the opposite of a party. So for now, goodbye ”, was the farewell message with which Baldwin surprised his million followers a few hours ago. Let’s hope that when the waters calm down, that is, when the world forgets Hilaria’s false identity, it will return. After all, no scandal is forever.


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