Kanye West Is Already Talking To Lawyers To Divorce From Kim Kardashian


Ever since it became known that they separated, it seemed that the ‘ideologist’ of everything was Kim Kardashian and that Kanye West was nothing more than a passive part of this broken marriage. Isolated on his Wyoming ranch while all the action takes place in Los Angeles, the musician is already in talks with lawyers to represent him in what will be the divorce of the decade, according to People. And, what’s more, Us Weekly also reveals that West is not passive and that he also had an idea of ​​family that he did not share with Kim, with whom the relationship had recently become ‘toxic and hostile’. Glups.

To begin with, Kanye West wanted his entire family to move to the Wyoming ranch and not just spend time there, as they have been doing until now. Also, according to Us Weekly, he was jealous of all the time Kim spent with the children, who were always with her in Los Angeles. No, she didn’t see herself living full time in the country and she was clear that her life was in California.

The relationship between Kim and Kanye had become so strained lately that, for the sake of the children, they preferred to be away, to avoid witnessing arguments and bad words. It had been a long time since neither of them went to couples therapy with what it seems that both had thrown in the towel regarding their marriage.

If things were already tense, Kanye West’s failed and confusing presidential run was the last straw. Thus they have arrived at the beginning of 2021, talking with lawyers and preparing for the celebrity divorce that is going to give more to talk about in recent decades. And here we will be to tell you!


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