Stranger Things: Sad Reality, The Fourth Season Of The Series Could Be The Last


Fans of the series are already looking to the future of Stranger Things. After season 4 ends, will the smash hit keep producing more aliens and more episodes? There is a good chance that sadly that won’t happen due to various reasons.

On one occasion the Duffer brothers confessed that they would only do 4 seasons of Stranger Things. No one could have predicted how popular the Netflix series would become, but a few years ago, the creators of the series were discussing its future and openly said that they only planned to do four seasons.

Let’s not forget that the show thrives on the nostalgia of the 80s and the innocence of youth. But with each passing year, the children of Stranger Things get a bit older, which was one of the reasons Ross originally cited for ending the series after just four seasons.

However, showrunners are already thinking outside the box in that regard. Surprisingly, the fourth season of Stranger Things doesn’t take place in Hawkins like the previous three. This will bring a whole new element of creativity to the screen that could naturally create more space for the story to unfold.

On the other hand, most Netflix shows only last a maximum of 4 seasons. Likewise, the final clue that Stranger Things will end after four seasons is a precedent set by Netflix for its original content.

Due to the unique audience for streaming content, most viewers don’t have the attention span to sit for dozens of seasons like they do for traditional network shows.

So the television landscape is changing and fans can’t help but notice that Netflix originals, including Santa Clarita Diet, Sense8, and One Day At a Time, were discontinued and even the award-winning Ozark ends after four seasons.

However, none of those shows had the cult or popularity of Stranger Things, which could make it the exception to this rule. On the other hand, the dramatic comedy Orange Is the New Black ran for 7 seasons. So who can say that Stranger Things won’t take the same path?


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