Chris Evans (The Avengers) once madly in love with Jessica Biel, that romantic gesture he made for her

Very much in love with Jessica Biel at the time, here is the romantic gesture that Chris Evans had made for her.

You might have forgotten about it, but Chris Evans was once spellbound by a Twilight actress and their connection had not gone unnoticed. Their flirtation had never turned into a love story, however. Long before that, the 39-year-old actor had had a lovely romance with another actress you all know since it is Jessica Biel, now married to Justin Timberlake. Together for 5 years before separating in 2006, Chris was madly in love with his beautiful and did not stop surprising her with attentions all more romantic than the others during their relationship.

One of them is likely to soften the fans and for good reason, Chris Evans redoubled his imagination to amaze Jessica on her birthday. The actress had thus unveiled the adorable anecdote during an interview for Cosmopolitan in 2005: “When I was 21, I woke up to find my bed covered with rose petals … In the middle of the night, he had separated at least 24 roses of all colors and sprinkled the petals all over the place. He is a rare find. ” Fans of Captain America will agree. Today, Chris Evans is single but a famous actress is said to have her and Sam Heughan’s eyes on him.

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