Tom Holland Reveals How He Reacted When He Found Out He Was Spider-man


Tom Holland recounted his reaction after finding out in 2015 that he landed the role of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In a recent interview with Variety to promote his upcoming film Cherry, Tom Holland recounted his reaction in 2015 after he found out he got the part of Spider-Man. Throughout the conversation, the actor explained how much this role changed his life, talking in-depth about his audition.

Tom Holland then remembers with anguish the months that led to the decision by the casting staff that he would be Spider-Man. The actor also did test auditions paired with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans but didn’t get a response for some time. He eventually found out he only made it through social media, because one site revealed that Tom Holland would be playing the next Spider-Man.

Tom Holland found out he was Spider-Man from social media

In short, for Tom Holland, it was a real joust to discover that he had landed the part of Spider-Man and now his future in the world of acting is bright. In addition to a third movie about Spider-Man and certainly other Marvel films, the actor is about to debut on Apple TV + with the film Cherry, by the Russo brothers, and will soon be in theaters as Nathan Drake, in the film Uncharted. He will also soon be alongside Daisy Ridley as the co-star of Chaos Walking, based on the novels of Patrick Ness and the first chapter of a trilogy.

It, therefore, seems that after that famous call, Tom Holland’s career has stood out and that we will see him in many new films over the years. It is not clear for the moment in which other films, in addition to the unreleased third Spider-Man, of the Marvel Cinematic Universe his Peter Parker will appear, but he will certainly be part of the new generation of the Avengers.


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