Vanessa Hudgens Charmed And Disturbed By Zac Efron (High School Musical) From The Casting, The Adorable Confidences


Recent confidences have confirmed that Vanessa Hudgens had been charmed by Zac Efron from the first High School Musical auditions.

A few days ago, Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) created hysteria on the Web by posting a meme with Zac Efron. If the two actors have not been in a relationship for a long time already, their love story had unleashed passions and many people regret not seeing them together. Today, the two exes no longer have too much contact and have each continued their lives on their own … However, new secrets about the High School Musical era will bring back many memories to fans of the first hour. We learn that Vanessa Hudgens had fallen for Zac Efron, to the point of being upset from the first auditions for the saga.

Natalie Hart, casting director of High School Musical, and Gary Marsh, director of Disney Channel, gave Variety pretty confidences for the 15 years of the first part: “It’s easy to say in hindsight. But when they have auditioned together, it was clear. It wasn’t even a small thing. We saw the chemistry between them, and we were bitten. She was so seduced. She said, “He’s so cute. I can’t read with him. “She had a stroke.” You will understand, Vanessa Hudgens was all upset to give the reply to her co-star, even before filming High School Musical, and it’s an adorable anecdote! Zac Efron, discover the improbable buzz he was recently faced with on the Web.


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