We will not see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as HAPPY as in these photos


We are still waiting for the official confirmation (that is, on social networks) but everything already indicates that the marriage formed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has ended. It was a long time since the power couple had been seen side by side; in fact, we can talk about the last couple of years since they stopped doing things together in public. Perhaps there we could have already intuited that their lives were already beginning to go their separate ways -metaphorically and literally, he wants to live in Wyoming and she in California- but, until their encounters began to happen with droppers, they left images for history (pop ).


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Kim and Kanye met in 2003 and (as he would reveal later) that day he had a real crush on her. In 2008 they met again on a television show although it was not until 2012 when they began to date. The rapper’s attempts to conquer her were remarkable, dedicating a line from a song to her, making a cameo in the family reality show, and even openly asking her not to marry her second husband, Khris Humphreys.

Their relationship was in a hurry and VERY public, even being part of Keeping Up With The Kardashians from day one. Suddenly, they began to blend in stylistically: Kanye, in front of the cameras, cleaned Kim’s extremely chronic dressing room and began to define the style that has made her an icon today. He was already succeeding as a designer and his girlfriend – later a wife and mother of his children – ended up being his muse.

What could go wrong? They were multimillionaires, they had countless properties in common, they had a dream wedding, they shared 4 children, their businesses were always balanced… But of course, there have been reasons (and many) and their relationship ends in court with a promising divorce give A LOT to talk about. It was nice while it lasted. But we will always have the images to remember that can no longer be erased.


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