Elite Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Synopsis And All The Possible Details Of The Show


Do you miss Netflix’s horny and killer teens? Fear not: Elite and its season 4 are in the oven. You probably already know about the renewal of this great success of the platform, and if not, you imagined it.

Teen fiction still has a lot of potential in the audience and viral comments. As for the story, it is another matter, but the creators plan to give it fresh air with new faces (without giving up all the old acquaintances). This is what we know of the next chapters for now. It’s not much, but that way we can warm up.

Renovation, teaser, and premiere

It was last May 22, in full quarantine and two months after the third installment was broadcast, when Netflix announced on its official Twitter profiles that we would see a season 4 of its teenage series with a short preview video. However, for those who are up to date on television, it was no surprise.

The television portal Bluper already published in early 2020, before the premiere of the last chapters, that the series was renewed not only for a quarter but also a fifth. The reasons? Netflix’s usual production strategy of producing two seasons together, to save costs and take advantage of the pull of the story and the actors.

What we don’t know is when this season 4 will premiere. Taking into account the interval between the second and third, from September 2019 to March 2020, and also that there may be some delay in filming considering the health alert, we can expect these new episodes for the last months of this year and the beginning. of 2021.

New faces and old acquaintances

But what has undoubtedly surprised us most about Elite season 4 is the renewal of the actors, according to Out of Series published last January. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this; in fact, it is common in teenage series like Skins or Compañeros. The idea is that some original actors are in the cast and mix with renewed faces that hook us for season 5. And later, if there are any.

As suggested by the last scene of the third installment and the teaser for the next, Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán), Itzan Escamilla (Samu) , Claudia Salas (Rebeca), Georgina Amorós (Cayetana), Aron Piper (Ander) and Omar Ayuso ( Omar). Álvaro Rico, Danna Paola, Ester Exposito, Jorge López and Mina El Hammani leave. We do not know the new signings

What we think can happen

We can’t tell you much about the synopsis either, but we imagine it will continue the spirit of the previous seasons. The new characters will suffer a shock similar to the one that the protagonists experienced two years ago and will unite around some mystery: the first installment was the murder of Marina, the second the disappearance of Samuel, and the third the death of Polo.

We do foresee, however, a confrontation between Cayetana, who abandons her cover as rich and starts working as a cleaner in Las Encinas, and the rest. Let’s also remember that his blood is in the bottle with which Lucrecia killed Polo, so we may see something about it. Either way, we take it for granted that Elite fans, both national and international (they love her Gossip Girl vibe ), will see her impatient as soon as they can.


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