Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Latest Updates!!!


Love Arm, everything we know about season 2

Netflix added Love Alarm to its catalog in 2019. And, without a doubt, it was an excellent choice for audiences who like k-dramas.

Love Alarm is a Netflix original romantic comedy series based on the webtoon of the same name by author Chon Kye-Young.

In an era where everything is digital, so is our love life. When an anonymous developer launches a dating app, it goes viral in South Korea. This app tells the user if someone within 10 feet of him has romantic feelings for him. And that ends up disturbing Jojo’s daily life. Thus, she soon finds herself caught in a love triangle between Lee Hye-Yeong and her best friend Hwang Sun-oh, a beautiful model.

After a fantastic first season and killer suspense, subscribers are looking for more. And demanding that Netflix release the second Love Alarm season soon. Therefore, we decided to gather all the official information so far.

Renewal and release date

Netflix renewed the series in 2019 and aimed for a premiere for the second season in August 2020. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the streaming platform postponing the second season of Love Alarm to 2021.

The production managed to shoot part of the second season, but unfortunately, due to the current world situation, the recordings were paused. Production is delayed and new episodes will arrive this year. It is expected that, at first, Netflix launches the second season of Love Alarm in the first half of 2021.

At this very moment, all episodes have already been filmed and, are in the post-production phase.

Cast: who’s coming back?

The cast of the series will remain the same. With that, we will have Kim So-Hyun playing JoJo again. Jung Ga-ram (Lee Hee-Young), as well as Song Kang (Hwang Sun-oh), will also return. Other cast members include Shin Seung-ho, Vá Min-si, Lee Jae-eung, as well as Song Geon-hee. All of them are expected to return for new episodes.

Spoilers: what will happen?

Fans are looking forward to what’s to come, from the hook left in the first season. In the end, the Love Alarm app received an update for its 2.0 release. Going beyond knowing if someone has romantic feelings for someone, the app can now tell if a person within 10 meters loves them.

As soon as the update went life, Jojo discovered that not only did Lee Hye-Yeong love her, but Hwang Sun-oh too. This was confirmed by the Love Alarm app when the two boys stay within the radius needed to start the program.

So Jojo will now have a choice: to reciprocate Lee Hye-Yeong’s feelings or, to stay with the beautiful model Hwang Sun-oh. Which one will she choose?


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