Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Details


After more than a year of waiting, Lucifer returned in 2020 for his fifth season. However, in August, Netflix released only the first eight episodes. With that, the fans have already marathon the whole series and, since then, await the arrival of part two of the fifth season. But what’s the future for Lucifer on Netflix? Check out everything we know.

Will there be a fifth season, part 2?

Netflix CONFIRMED on June 6, 2019, that Lucifer would return for a fifth season. The delay for the renewal was exactly one month from the release of the fourth season.

However, shortly afterward, Netflix also confirmed that it had extended the number of episodes, from 10 to 16. With that, it would divide the season into two parts, of eight episodes. Therefore, there will be a part 2 for the fifth season of Lucifer, thus completing 16 episodes.

When will Lucifer season 5, part 2, be released on Netflix?

Due to the pandemic, Lucifer’s production suffered a delay in recording the last two episodes. In October, they were closed and, then, producers are working on inserting special effects. With the end of the year, we can predict that part 2 of Lucifer’s fifth season is set to debut only in the first quarter of 2021.

Will the series continue beyond season five?

Yes. Netflix has confirmed that the attraction will continue! So now it will have a sixth season, which has already been confirmed as the last. star Tom Ellis had already signed a contract with Warner Bros. for an eventual sixth season of the series.

In May, multiple sources confirmed that negotiations were advanced and that Warner Bros. would have struck a contract with the producers, as well as Tom Ellis. However, last month, the renegotiations between Tom Ellis and Warner Bros. Television were paralyzed because the actor allegedly rejected the studio’s latest offer.

Only now these differences seem to have been overcome, as the contract for Lucifer’s interpreter has been agreed.

Extended duration

As fans have noticed, in the first part, the duration of the episodes is extended. Some even reach an hour in length. Such information had already been confirmed by the producers and should continue in part 2.


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