Sex Education Season 3: What Benefits the Timeskip Will Bring for Otis and Maeve


Asa Butterfield confirmed that the third installment of Sex Education will not resume directly after season 2, but will instead move forward to show a new and hopefully improved version of the character at school.

Season 3 of Sex Education will skip the immediate aftermath of Maeve Wiley’s (Emma Mackey) experiences at the National Studio Quiz Championships. Asa Butterfield recognizes that her character will have new colors in her personality.

Asa Butterfield also acknowledges that her character in Sex Education has become a bit bolder, a result of her newfound charisma. The actor’s statements appear to imply that Maeve never found out about the deleted voicemail.

In that case, both Sex Education characters will have developed even further as individuals, with Maeve trying to deal with her mother’s continued drug use and Otis trying to be more responsible.

So by Season 3 of Sex Education, the inevitable reunion between Maeve and Otis will feel more viscerally shocking to viewers, as both characters will have grown older and more confident of their wants and needs.

The time jump from Sex Education season 3 allows for organic storytelling, which will involve an exploration of Maeve’s friendship with Isaac (George Robinson), and thus further develop both characters.

Because Maeve has enough intellect and emotional intelligence to interpret cryptic statements, she is likely to have a confrontation with Isaac, which will later set up her meeting with Otis at Sex Education.

The time jump from Sex Education season 3 suggests that the characters of Maeve and Otis’s characters will be swapped. This means that Maeve will now have strange behavior and Otis will appear as the most perceptive.


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