Spirit Riding Free Season 9: Release Date, Plot And Everything You Should Know


Netflix’s animated series Spirit Riding Free Season 9 is on the way. It is based on a 2002 film, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Dreamworks Animation Television is the producer of this animated series. The show follows a little girl who makes new friends in a new town and enjoys adventures. All his friends are gang and are enjoying this new life. Since its premiere in 2017, the show has been a huge hit with Netflix audiences. What Happens to Spirit Riding Free Season 9? Read on to find out.

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What would happen?

The Spirit Riding Free show follows Lucky, a twelve-year-old girl who has recently started living in a country town – Miradero of a big city. While Lucky seems to have a hard time fitting in at school, life turns upside down when she makes an unlikely friend – Spirit. Spirit is a Kiger Mustang. Locals grabbed this wild horse and brought it to town to be broken. But Spirit refuses to be broken by the locals. So Lucky and Spirit form an unlikely bond that ends up freeing the horse.

Not just Spirit, Lucky is friends with two other children named Pru and Abigail. Pru and Abigail both have horses. Pru has a horse called Chica Linda and Abigail has a horse called Boomerang. The trio, with their horses, form a band and begin their journey full of adventures.

The show, Spirit Riding Free, follows the adventures of these three friends as they learn to take on all new challenges and explore new things. Spirit Riding Free season 2 will continue to show these girls going on new adventures and facing many obstacles.

Spirit Riding Free Season 9: Release Date

The first season of the animated series was released in May 2017 and the second season was released shortly thereafter in September 2017. The third season was then released in November 2017, followed by a fourth season in March 2018. The fifth season of the series was then released in May 2018. Then the sixth season premiered in November 2018. The seventh season was released in November 2018. Then the last and eighth season of Spirit Riding Free Season 8 was released in April 2019.

Keeping the pace of the show’s release in mind, all viewers expected to see Spirit Riding Free Season 9 in 2020. However, that did not happen. This delay may be due to the bird flu pandemic that delayed everything. Now, hoping that all goes well, we can expect to see Spirit Riding Free Season 9 in 2021.

Who is in the distribution?

For the next season of the series, we can expect to hear Amber Frank as he voices the main character of the series Fortuna “Lucky” Prescott. With him, we can expect to hear the voices of Bailey Gambertogio and Sydney Park who will reprise their roles as Abigail Stone and Pru Granger. These are the main characters we’ll see in Spirit Riding Free Season 9. Other characters we might hear include Snips Stones, Miss Flores, Jim Prescott, and Aunty Cora Prescott.

The show’s exact release date is not yet known. However, we can expect to hear from you in the coming days. We will keep you updated with any news regarding the show as we receive it. So stay tuned. In the meantime, the first eight seasons of this animated series are available on Netflix for you to watch and enjoy.


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