Jennifer Lopez’s Surprising Claim On Self-esteem: “He Didn’t Love Me”


Jennifer Lopez has spoken about self-love and as incredible as it may seem to us, she admits that she has not always loved herself. The singer has opened up for the Coach firm and has revealed that during a specific time in her life, she did not love herself.

Jennifer Lopez must have an elixir of youth because with each passing year we see her more wonderful. The truth is that the singer does not appear to be 51 years old at all, but her spectacular appearance is not due to any kind of spell or pact with the devil but to an active and healthy lifestyle. Also, JLo has confessed that to preserve the youthful appearance he has never resorted to cosmetic surgery and that contrary to what the gossips say, he has never injected botox.

It is clear that her formidable figure and smoothness of her face are due to her wonderful genetics and meticulous personal care and although she has not expressed it explicitly, surely Lopez feels very proud of herself. However, the singer recently admitted that she has not always been treated as she should. Jennifer was sincere during an interview for the YouTube channel of the fashion firm Coach, ‘Coach Conversations’, and acknowledged that she has not always loved herself.

JLo said that during her thirties, the period in which she was married to Marc Anthony, she was not aware that she was not loving herself, since as she has assured, at that time “she did not even understand this concept.” “I was doing all these things in my relationships that it didn’t seem like I was loving myself, “Lopez explained to Jay Shetty, the interviewer.

The artist also recognized that learning to love herself “took her time” and that she works on it day by day since this process continues to be “a journey for her. ” From his words with Shetty, it can be sensed that López did not realize the importance of self-love until he had reached almost forty, coinciding in time with his break with Anthony.

However, JLo assured in the interview that despite the disappointment and performance caused by her failed marriage with Anthony, he helped her regain her self-confidence. If you want to know what Marc Anthony’s words were that helped Jennifer Lopez so much, click on the video that we attached to the top of the page.


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