Lupine Season 2: Release Date and Everything to Come


Inspired by adventure stories about master thief Assane, Lupine (Omar Sy) takes on the character’s personality as an adult while investigating a conspiracy that led to his father’s suicide.

Since Assane (Omar Sy) is such a sympathetic gentleman thief, fans of the series may be stressed out about his immediate future. Here’s what to expect from Lupine Part 2.

Will there be a second season?

Given that the first batch of episodes has been incredibly popular, it’s safe to assume that Netflix will greenlight Lupine season 2 sometime in early summer 2021, or perhaps late spring if demand is high.

The Lupine Part 1 finale includes a train showdown between Assane and an assassin hired by Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre), the former boss of the focal thief’s father.

What will the new plot be?

Looking ahead, Lupine Part 2 will likely focus on Assane’s liability issues. He begs for one more chance with Claire at the end of Part 1 and puts his son in immense danger by leading a dangerous lifestyle.

Assane of Lupine has the intelligence and skills to escape Guedira and then track Raoul, but certainly, there will be consequences related to the family shortly as Claire probably would not tolerate nonsense.

Lupine part 2 on Netflix may show Assane trying to be a family man, but it seems inevitable that he will continue his old ways as a gentleman thief.

Someone who is simply addicted to the thrill of it all, along with the satisfaction that comes from a perfectly executed heist. We will only have to wait for the Netflix platform to confirm season 2 of Lupine.


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