Lupine Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Filming… Sequel Coming Soon?


The fictional event featuring Omar Sy has finally been posted on Netflix, and you couldn’t resist the irrepressible urge to chain all five episodes together? Since the After- Sales Service, the French actor has never played a character in a series again, so we understand that you appreciated Lupine. Omar has become a great movie star, between blockbusters and animated films he must be busy. You almost wonder how he found the time to play in this Netflix original creation. The question everyone is asking: Was Lupine season 2 commissioned by the streaming platform?? If so, when will we see Assane again? We have good news for you in the rest of this article!

We reveal to you all the information we currently have about Lupine season 2: release date, filming, casting, renewal …

This is not the first time that the famous Arsène Lupine has inspired fiction, however, as you may have noticed, it is a contemporary story. The creator of the series (George Kay) has decided to break the codes by offering us a modern Arsène, brilliantly embodied by Omar Sy. The latter manages to keep us until the last episode thanks to a very well-orchestrated stage.

In addition to the main plot, Lupino leads us to reflect on multiple social issues: wealth imbalance, racism … Assane’s thirst for revenge is also motivated by a terrible injustice that led her father to suicide.

We have an announcement that you may like, know that Lupine season 2 is coming soon to Netflix. This is the second part because the streaming giant has chosen to divide its original creation in two. The first season is therefore made up of ten episodes but only five have been published in the catalog. You suspected that Lupine couldn’t end like this. So when will we see Omar Sy again?

Has Netflix already planned the release date for Lupine season 2?

In the final episode, we witness the kidnapping of young Raoul as Assane and Claire, completely defenseless, desperately try to find him on a beach where all children are the same. Then, against all odds, Assane comes face to face with Youssef. A scene announcing season 2 of Lupine under high tension!

The fiction may have been divided into two parts because the editing of the last episodes is not yet complete. Filming of Lupine had been interrupted by the first confinement and the production crews could not resume until July 2020. This delay is probably at the origin of the division of the series. Typically, the post-production phase should finish quickly. We believe that the Lupine season 2 release date on Netflix will be summer 2021. That’s the most likely scenario, but we may also have to wait a year before we see our favorite gentleman again. As always, we will have to be patient while we wait for the new episodes …

What worries us most now is the success of the series. Now that we know there will be five new episodes coming soon, we hope that Netflix will order an additional season. For this to happen, Omar Sy will have to convince the 180 million subscribers of the platform. We will closely monitor the ranking of the most viewed content internationally to see if fiction is off to an excellent start. The next four weeks will be decisive and will seal Assane’s fate.

Until Netflix officially announces the release date for Lupine season 2, please note that the sixth season of Prison Break is under negotiation.


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