Was Olivia Rodrigo (High School Musical) Heartbroken By Joshua Bassett? She Finally Reacts To The Buzz Around Her Song


This is the question everyone is asking. Was Olivia Rodrigo heartbroken by her co-star Joshua Bassett to the point of making a song out of it? Here is his response.

It’s the song of the moment! In Drivers License, Olivia Rodrigo sings about her sadness to see Joshua Bassett in a relationship with Sabrina Carpenter. In any case, this is what Internet users think. They are convinced that the singer had a brief relationship with her co-star of the High School Musical series and that she is now devastated to see him turn the page with another. These are only speculations since the pretty brunette of 17 years has never confirmed or denied the rumors. Well, until now. Faced with the buzz generated by her hit, the young woman decided to speak for the first time.

Interviewed by Billboard magazine this Wednesday, January 20, Olivia Rodrigo confided in the allegations surrounding her now planetary hit. Is he referring to Joshua Bassett? The actress said, “I understand people’s curiosity, they want to know what and who the song is about. But for me, it’s the least important part of the song. It resonates with people because of how moving and I think everything else doesn’t matter. ” That is what is said! In the meantime, know that Sabrina Carpenter responded to Olivia Rodrigo by tackling her in her new song called “Skin”.


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