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‘The Bad Guys’ release date postponed by Dream Works Animation.

The Bad Guys

Dream Works Animation has postponed the release of its upcoming animated movie ‘The Bad Guys’. Dream Works Animation is the producer of the animated film and Universal pictures are the distributor. This film is an adaption of a children’s novel of the same name by Aaron Blabey who is also one of the executive producers and is adapted by  Etan Cohen and Hilary Winston.

Seth Engstrom, Andy Gaskill, and Floriane Marchix are the art directors. The makers have roped Pierre Perifel to be the director of the animated flick.

The Bad Guys release date

The makers announced on 7th October 2019 that the film will be released theatrically on 17th September 2021. However, Dream Works Animation delayed the release on 28th October 2020 and stated that it would release by 2022. The reason cited was that the Corona Virus crisis has created a lax within the production of many films. Also, movie theatres would not function in full capacity. Therefore, the release date of The Bad Guys was shifted, and in its place Boss Baby 2: Family Business filled in the 17th September release slot.

Bad Guys release date Plot

The story will revolve around five “bad guys”. Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark, and Ms. Tarantula. They have planned to totally give up their bad deeds and transform for a better self. Challenge really hits them when they choose to be good as good deeds are not their cup of tea as a result, the bad guys turned good are completely misunderstood.

The book’s author Aaron Blabey has quoted the story to be “They are bad guys right? everybody knows that. They look bad, they sound bad, they even smell bad. But guess what, they don’t wanna be bad guys.”  The audience will witness the journey of The Bad Guys who want to become heroes and do good deeds.

Watch the trailer of the children’s novel by Aaron Blabey right here:

The voice cast

The makers have not announced the proper list of the voice cast. However, IMDB did mention the following voice artists on their website:

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