Did Meghan Markle Rush To Marry Prince Harry? The Astonishing Secrets


According to new confidences, Meghan Markle would have rushed a little into her marriage to Prince Harry.

Recently, we learned that Meghan Markle had been warned that she was going to drool just before her marriage to Prince Harry. The young woman would have been made aware of all the hatred she was going to receive by integrating the royal family … And she would have even rushed a little too quickly by marrying her husband. At least, that’s what reveals Chloe Sauvage, the embroiderer who worked on the train of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress. To Insider, she said, “I think she misjudged the role. The royals have broken people down before. Kate has had plenty of time to adjust and adjust to it. They’ve got her. given time, as Meghan kind of dived headfirst. ”

The young woman added of Meghan Markle: “It practically broke Diana, it broke Sarah Ferguson … I know it’s looser now than before, but even then I don’t think it was. ‘she was prepared for the things she could and couldn’t do, say and wear. She could have carved out an exceptional role for herself, but I think she found it all very difficult. She was always able to do whatever she wanted when she was happy, and unfortunately, with the royal family, the grandmother simply rules. ” Did the Duchess of Sussex go headlong into her marriage to Prince Harry? Only she knows. In parallel, Meghan Markle’s father has made new revelations about their estrangement.


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