Lupin Season 2: Release Date, Cast And All The Details

Lupin Season 2

Nor there are doubts. The series ‘Lupin‘ is the great sensation of Netflix at the beginning of 2021 and that everyone talks about. The French series, which premiered on January 8, has already achieved unprecedented success. It is estimated that it has reached 70 million viewers around the world in three weeks, surpassing in audience other productions such as ‘Gambit de Dama’, ‘Los Bridgerton’ or ‘La Casa de Papel’.

The public has been fascinated and hooked with the first 5 chapters and is already looking forward to the second part. The fiction that has Omar Sy (Assane Diop) as the main protagonist is a worldwide rage and fans have high expectations for the new episodes. Lupin would be to France what Holmes was to the UK.

‘Lupin’ tells the story of Arsenio Lupin, a knight and thief who sets out to avenge the death of his father at the hands of a wealthy family. The production is based, although it is not a faithful representation, on a work by the French writer Maurice Leblanc published in 1907.

Season 2 of the series is already on its way. But how long is it to go? Has Netflix already announced the release date? Will they keep the same cast? Will there be new characters?

What is ‘Lupin’, season 2 about? The second part of the series will pick up the plot right where the first left off. Assane began the first season with a mission to steal an ancient necklace from Marie Antoinette and ended it by searching for her son Raoul on the beach during Maurice Leblanc’s anniversary. This is where the story will pick up.

Lupin Season 2

When will ‘Lupin’ season 2 premiere?

Few details of the new installment are known. What they have confirmed is that it will be another five chapters that will continue with what happened at the end of the first, which had to be halted by the coronavirus pandemic. The new episodes are already filmed, but they will not reach the platform until the end of 2021.” At the moment, t e has the first part of five episodes and the second part of five other episodes to be released later this year 2021, as we filmed before, so it is very exciting, ” stated has, George Kay, series director

What characters will be in season 2 of ‘Lupin’?

The actor and comedian Omar Sy will once again be the protagonist of the series with the role of Assane Diop. Among some supporting actors, the participation of Ludivine Sagnier as ‘Claire’ stands out; Antoine Gouy as ‘Benjamin Feral’; Hervé Pierre as ‘Hubert Pellegrini’; Clotilde Hesme as ‘Juliette Pellegrini’, among others. The thinking heads behind all this will continue to be its creators George Kay and François Uzan and the director will be Louis Leterrier


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