When Will Season 2 Of ’50M2′ Released? Find Out

50M2 Season 2

Sure, you could convince yourself for the following rewatch of F.R.I.E.ND.S, or you might invest your TV time to research global territories on Netflix for a few psychological dramas in 2021, also binge-watch the latest activity Turkish show 50M2 rather than

It has been a week since Netflix’s latest international offering 50M2 premiered on 21st January, and fans are already addicted to it. 50M2 features a narrative filled with excitement and twists, making viewers crave more thanks to this suspenseful cast.

Its magical cast, intriguing plotlines, amazing humor, and mind-blowing activity sequences had us hooked, and we have been wondering if there is going to be a 50M2 season two.

Well, here is the surprise: season 2 may be in the works!

Here’s everything about season two, including its release date and cast:

Is there likely to be season 2?

Well, yes…

Netflix has not published any official statements about the series’ next installment, but there is most probably going to be a season 2 of 50M2.

In season 1, we visit hitman Golge (played by Engin Oztuirk, Turkish variant of Tom Hardy) running for his life after betraying underworld boss, Servet Nadir (played with Kursat Alniacik). He changes his identity and starts living like a son of the late store-owner in a foreign neighborhood.

The narrative takes a significant turn when Golge learns some shocking truths about his past. His story is full of puzzles and excitement; it gets the viewer itch to know more about the figures.

Season 1 was received so well by one of the audiences that the Turkish celebrities left a short emotional social networking movie, thanking viewers for all their love and admiration. In the video, the actors also hinted at the next installment of the show.

50M2 Season 2: Renewal Status And Release Date

The fate of 50M2 is currently unknown.

That is because Netflix has not formally announced if 50M2 was renewed for season 2 or when the series is facing cancellation.

That is hardly surprising as the 50M2 was just released on Netflix on January 27th and it typically requires time for Netflix to analyze viewing figures and announce a brand new season.

But given the manner that episode 8 ends, it seems to be nearly sure 50M2 will return for season 2.

Although, a result of 50M2’s pending status, there’s no release date advice for season 2 just yet.

50M2 Season 2


The “ 50 m2 ” cast consists of Engin Ozturk, Frank Gerrish, Aybüke Pusat, Cengiz Bozkurt, Kursat Alniacik, Tolga Tekin, Yigit Kirazci, Ozgur Emre Yildirim, Tuncay Beyazit, Tugce Karabacak, Hasan Yalnizicoglu, as well as Muraniziciclu.

All of them are expected to return for new episodes.

Spoilers: what’s next?

There is something about the main character (Sombra / Shadow) in the opening sequences that holds the viewer. He drinks likes cigarettes in the morning and courageously rejects any attacker. He’s the typical smug henchman who gets what he wants. The appeal is clear.

The confident killer takes center stage. The premise changes when he finds out that his longtime benefactor may have answers for his parents; violent. Then the story goes from killer to hunted killer.

Eventually, the story shifts to a new phase – where Shadow hides in a tailor shop. It is here that he is mistaken for the late owner. Instead of explaining that he is not related, in dangerous desperation, Shadow embraces the identity.

With a lot of action, in this way, several twists and turns happen. Also, an ending remains open.

At the end of the first installment of the ” 50 m2 “, a gift raises suspicions about Shadow’s identity. Civan gives Mesut what he deserves, and Servetus reveals a shocking truth to Shadow. With your disguise highly in danger, many things can happen. Therefore, a second season is necessary.


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