Pippa Middleton Just Turned 66


Not a week without talking about Kate and Pippa Middleton, either for current affairs or for style (great style). But today it was the turn of the primordial Middleton, the mother of both (well, and of James ), grandmother of the future King of England, and who turned 66 yesterday. For this reason, a lot of photos of Carole Middleton as a young, not so young and currently circulated on social networks, commemorating this day. Something that allowed us to verify that the mother of Kate, Pippa, and James is, on her own merits, the most beautiful Middleton and the most ELEGANT.

A photo of Carole with Kate being a baby in her arms is the one that has caught our attention the most. It must have been the year 1982, that is, it was 27 years old at that time. Carole was still a flight attendant and had just had her first daughter; She couldn’t imagine that she would one day be married to Prince William and that her upper-middle-class family (higher when she and her husband Michael founded Party Pieces in 1987 and became billionaires with how well they did. it was them) would become almost royalty.

Carole has straight brown hair with voluminous bangs that is sometimes re-cut today. He wears a navy blue sweater from which the collars of a white shirt protrude. The eighties ‘good girl’ look (it was 1982) very stylish and very trendy. Which of her two daughters is more like her? Well, it’s hard to say because they both have a lot from their mother.

We would say that Kate Middleton has inherited her smile and her eyes. And that they both have voluminous dark hair, as well as slim physique and athletic nature.

Although the photo that seemed like THE FANTASY is that of Pippa, Carole, and Kate attending a wedding with looks very like an American soap opera from the 90s. The mother is wearing a dress with an ULTRA visible floral print, the girls are wearing dresses with huge lantern sleeves and flower crowns and the photo has been retouched with a luminous filter that gives it a delicious kitsch look. All very of its time, very of future royals and very to remember it ALWAYS.


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