Do You Remember Connor Cruise, Tom And Nicole’s Son? Well Today You Would Not Recognize Him


Little is known about the two oldest children of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who live practically as anonymous people despite being the children of two of the most famous actors in the world. Isabella and Connor Cruise, the two children they adopted during their marriage, are not and do not want to be celebrities and their public appearances are minimal, rather, almost non-existent. Even so, the oldest, Connor ( 26 years old ) has an Instagram account open to the public with few followers – they do not reach 28,000 – and in which he tells of his days at the beach and his admiration for Kobe Bryant. Currently, the young man (aspiring DJ and of truly unknown dedication) is on vacation at a resort in Costa Rica and has shared a photo of a great moment there, onboard a ship. Hey Connor … is that you?


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The young man has changed a LOT since we last remembered seeing him. He has gained weight and a beard, has lost the dreadlocks he used to wear, and, looking back at previous snapshots, he loves to fish. That is why he proudly poses with a great tuna that he has just caught, on the deck of a boat, although in other photos we see that fishing is his BIG hobby.

Has Connor Cruise become a fisherman? Well, judging by what he shares on Instagram, it seems that he has, we do not know if as an amateur or if he has changed his profession as a DJ for that of an organizer of maritime excursions. Or, investigating a little more, the young man is very fond of fishing and seems to spend a lot of time doing it; advantages of being the son of Tom Cruise, a multimillionaire, which allows you not to have a too lucrative profession and still be able to live as you want and doing what you like the most. Not so bad!

His sister Isabella lives in London and has been married since 2015; There he works as an artist and recently launched a fashion line named after his initials, BKC ( Bella Kidman Cruise ). Despite her sonorous surnames, she also lives very discreetly away from the cameras, the paparazzi, and, yes, from fame.


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