The Blacklist Will Have Season 9 After Its Good Audience Data

The Blacklist Season 9

One of the best free-to-air series in the United States is undoubtedly The Blacklist: this fiction created by Jon Bokenkamp in 2013 has already aired eight batches of episodes, all of them focused on a criminal who offers to rat out all those who They have helped him in his long career. This is how a ‘ blacklist ‘ arises that over the years has offered us some master chapters, while the rest have been around the notable.

It is now when NBC has renewed The Blacklist for a season 9 that will arrive later this year; Taking into account that the eighth batch began to be broadcast last November, it is expected that around autumn 2021 the US free-to-air network will launch the new chapters, although everything will depend on whether the Covid-19 restrictions will You can record normally or not.

 The Blacklist Season 9

The main reason why NBC has given the green light to season 9 of The Blacklist has been its good performance in audiences of the last batch: it premiered with 7.5 million viewers, and the demographic rating was placed on average in the 1.2 in the age group that goes from 18 to 49 years.

Synopsis of The Blacklist

“The most wanted criminal in the world, Thomas Raymond Reddington, mysteriously surrenders and offers to expose everyone who has ever collaborated with him. His only condition: he will only collaborate with Elisabeth Keen, a new FBI agent, with whom it seems to have some connection that she doesn’t know about. “


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