Demi Moore Confesses To Naomi Campbell Everything She Felt After Debuting As A Model At Paris Fashion Week

Demi Moore

It was just one of the many surprises Kim Jones had in store for his debut as Fendi’s creative director. But what was to be the stellar appearance of Demi Moore as an Haute Couture model in Paris accompanied by tops like Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell ended up going around the world for the renewed appearance of the actress, which some criticized and others, like Ana Milan wanted to settle by responding to the merciless criticism with a reflection posted on Twitter that should bring out the colors of more than one.

“Perhaps what we have to think about is why a woman of such exceptional beauty as Demi Moore prefers to see herself this way than to see herself grow old,” said the Spanish actress. “Maybe as a society we are doing something wrong. Maybe it’s time to laugh less and think more ”, he pointed out.

A defense that we do not know if it has reached the ears of Demi Moore, who, far from being sorry for her participation in the parade, has just talked about what this experience has meant for her in a conversation with Naomi Campbell, who has invited the actress to her YouTube talk show No Filter with Naomi.

“I didn’t realize until I finished walking that I had just fulfilled a teenage fantasy,” says Moore, totally oblivious to any negative criticism of her appearance at Paris Fashion Week. “I had to stop and think before assimilating that he had just stepped on a catwalk accompanied by the most important models in history,” he says.

And is that although Demi has behind her a long career in the cinema, this was her debut as a model. An experience that I would repeat without thinking about it. Especially since after opening the show, she discovered that fashion shows are much more than just showing clothes.

“It seemed very special to me because I did not feel that everything was focused on showing some clothes, but on telling a complete story. It was magical and moving for me. Something memorable ”, the actress confesses to Naomi, who defines this Fendi show as“ something very special ”.

“Although there was no audience present, I felt that people were there. I didn’t feel any different from other shows he’s worked on, ” explains Campbell. “I think it also helped a lot how the catwalk scenery was set up, with each of us having our transparent boxes. That glass maze would not have let us see the public anyway, ”Naomi concluded.


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