Chris Evans (Captain America) Rebuffed By His Famous Crush, Here Is The Singer Who Raked Him

Chris Evans

It happens even to the best of us. Chris Evans has already been raked by a famous singer and we reveal to you who it is.

You may not know it but Chris Evans was once madly in love with Jessica Biel and did not hesitate to give her ultra-romantic surprises. Yep, the actor is a real gentleman, and when he loves he doesn’t count. But if the actor has more than one crush, there is a singer who is not attracted to him. Guest on the set of Jimmy Fallon in 2018, the hero of the big screen had confided to have a crush on Camila Cabello: “If I could have an appointment with her, it would be absolutely with great pleasure.” Unfortunately for the beautiful 39-year-old, the feeling was not mutual.


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Two years after the buzz confidence of Chris Evans, Camila Cabello had finally reacted to the delight of her fans. During her appearance on the show of host Ellen DeGeneres, the singer said: “He’s a very handsome man and I admire him. But he’s not my type.” A rake could not be clearer. As we know, the 23-year-old beautiful brunette now has the perfect love with her longtime friend Shawn Mendes. As for the interpreter of Captain America, he is still a heart to take. Notice to amateurs! Elsewhere in the news, find out what Chris Evans thinks of his status as a sex symbol in Hollywood.


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