Invisible City Season 2: Release Date, Story And All Updates Here

Invisible City Season 2

All about the second season of Invisible City

Netflix’s newest Brazilian series, Cidade Invisível, debuted. And with it, the public is already commenting on the newness of the streaming platform.

Created and co-produced by Carlos Saldanha, the production has Brazilian folklore as a backdrop. However, it does induce a criminal investigation. The plot is an original creation by Saldanha inspired by a story developed by Carolina Munhóz and Raphael Draccon. In fact, for those who don’t know, these are the same authors of O Chosen One.

And this series is driven by a mystery: how does a pink dolphin, of freshwater, end up appearing dead on the sands of a Rio beach? Thus, what appears to be an unsolved case is only the gateway to an invisible world. All this, in the eyes of those who do not believe in the fantastic.

So, after fans marathon the first season’s episodes, some are wondering: will there be more? Soon, we decided to gather all the official information about the series and a possible second season.

Renewal and release date

The first season of Invisible City debuted on Netflix on February 5, 2021. And it contains seven 30-minute episodes. Through them, in this way, the attraction managed to explore a little of the mythology that is proposed.

However, so far, Netflix has not commented on a second season. But this is normal. After all, Netflix takes time to evaluate the future of a series. Usually, in this evaluation period, it takes a few weeks – or even months – to measure the attraction’s audience. All of this, based on how much the subscriber consumed the product.

But given the reception, plus the intention to invest more in national content, Invisible City may return for a second season. However, this should not happen before the first quarter of 2022.

So when Netflix confirms more news about the series, we’ll update this story. So keep an eye on this same publication in the coming days.

Invisible City Season 2


The Netflix series has a vast cast known to the Brazilian public. Thus, it has as protagonists Marco Pigossi, as well as Alessandra Negrini.

In addition, the production still has other interesting names. Among them are Jéssica Córes, Fábio Lago, Wesley Guimarães and Manu Diegues.

Spoilers: what’s next?

An environmental policeman stunned by his wife’s death. A fire. And the mysterious appearance of a pink dolphin on a carioca beach. At first, it may not make sense, but it’s all intertwined in Netflix’s new original Brazilian series, Cidade Invisível.

What if the legends you’ve always heard about were real? What if they were among us, hidden? This is the main reflection that the series goes through.

With seven episodes, the story follows the efforts of an environmental inspector (Marco Pigossi) to discover the real reasons for the death of his wife. These seem to be directly linked to the appearance of the pink dolphin on the beach. Then, running out of time to save his family, he ends up facing mythological beings from Brazilian folklore. All of this, during the investigation.

Invisible City brings relevant and current themes such as environmental preservation. Also, it addresses the rescue of Brazilian popular culture. It also explores human relationships through mystics and suspense.

Given the ending that has not been resolved, there is certainly room for a second season. And the plot, then, should start exactly from the end shown in the series.

As soon as more news, as well as the plot, are presented, we will update here.


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