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Meteor Garden Season 2: Release Date, Story And Everything You Need To Know!!

Meteor Garden Season 2

Meteor Garden will return for the new season?

Meteor Garden follows the story of a working-class girl who enters an elite university attended by the children of the richest people in the city.

The series thus portrays the protagonist’s struggle to find her place at the university while trying to prove her worth to everyone. The series is an adaptation of the Japanese manga ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and is an official remake of the same Taiwanese series of the same name. The manga was also adapted in South Korea. Sharon Mao wrote while Lin Helong directed.

But after all, will the series win season two? Check out everything we know!

The story

The Meteor Garden story gives focus to a girl named Dong Shan Cai. She comes from a poor family; however, she is very bright and intelligent.

This helps her secure a place at one of the best universities, which is mainly populated by wealthy brats. The F4 are the elitists there. They are the most popular youth in the school and their leader is as arrogant as he is wealthy. They have a big difference in ideology with Shan Cai and she doesn’t immediately like them.

Her growing repertoire with everyone at the university makes F4 suspicious of her, especially since they think she doesn’t belong to that group. This paves the way for conflict and is what brings them close enough to know each other. Things get more complicated when Dao Ming Si, the leader, falls in love with Shan Cai but finds out that she likes someone else, Hua Ze Lei, her best friend.


The protagonist of ‘ Meteor Garden ‘ is Dong Shan Cai, played by Shen Yue. The young actress gained prominence after her role in ‘A Love So Beautiful’, whose story was based on Zhao Gangan’s novel, ‘To Our Pure Little Beauty’. Her popularity increased even more after she appeared in this series.

Dylan Wang plays the role of Dao Ming Si. Wang’s entry into the entertainment field was driven by his winning a championship at the ‘Sichuan Campus Red Festival’. His prominent role came in the form of “Meteor Garden”, which made him an overnight star and a beating heart.

Darren Chen plays the character of Hua Ze Lei. He is one more of those actors who had a chance at fame after ‘Meteor Garden’. He made his debut with the series ‘Proud of Love’.

Renewal and release date

The first season of Meteor Garden debuted on July 9, 2018, on Netflix. And the adaptation follows the plot close to the original material. However, relevant changes have been made to make it more attractive to the current audience.

The scene changed with millennial characters at its center and the story set in China. Considering the performance of the original version, the success of this series was easily anticipated. After his debut in China, he quickly became a favorite of audiences worldwide.

It turns out that Netflix, which is always looking for programs that can cater to the international audience, has found that this is a way to enter the Chinese market.

In this way, it bought the international broadcasting rights, which brought a broader fan base to the series. Only the first season ended the whole drama. But obviously, fans want more of the story. However, the network showed no interest in stretching the plot.

A second season would be just a matter of finding a “suitable plot”. There is also a ray of hope because the manga series has a subsequent story, which has already been adopted in Japan. If they can invest in something like that, we could have another season after all.

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