‘Raya and the Last Dragon’: Trailer for the Super Bowl with more Tuktuk and more Awkwafina

Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney’s animated foray into the martial arts genre launches a new trailer.

The Super Bowl is the ultimate event in American football, a sport with a lot of physical contacts, and Ray and the Last Dragon is a movie that promises martial arts in bulk. So it makes sense that the new trailer for Disney’s premiere was released during the game.

Although short (30 seconds flat ), progress offers very tasty details to await the premiere of the film to travel to the kingdom of Kumandra: new glimpses into the heroin voice of Kelly Marie Tran, a Tuktuk (that bichobola giant promises to enter the studio’s pet pantheon) and to Sisu, that dragon that gives the film its title and to which Awkwafina lends his voice with mythological bravado.

Raya and the Last Dragon will be released simultaneously on March 5 in theaters and on Disney +, at an additional cost through premium access.


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