Virgin River Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Details

Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River returned to Netflix for season two Final month and instantly proved to be a hit with fans. The drama series, that will be based on the books of the same title by Robyn Carr, tells the story of Mel (played by Alexandra Breckenridge), that works as a nurse practitioner and decides to transfer her entire life to a new town.

While viewers were thrilled to be back with Mel and Jack for season two, they were horrified by the major cliffhanger in the finale, leading them to carry to social media to need season three.

When will Virgin River season 3 release on Netflix?

A launch date has yet to be announced, however, given the production schedule the series is on, it is highly likely we will once again be seeing a drop release date, meaning we are currently anticipating season 3 of Virgin River to be on Netflix at the end of 2021.

The Virgin River Instagram accounts are quite vague when answering inquiries surrounding a release date with the best answer saying: “We’ve got a season 3 sequence but we do not know when it’s coming out”.

Virgin River Season 3

Who will star in series three of Virgin River?

Alexandra Breckenridge will reprise her leading role as Mel, but, after season two’s major cliffhanger, it’s not yet known if Martin Henderson will reunite as Jack… watch this space!

Netflix has also supported two new faces that will be joining the fray. Grey’s Anatomy and The Flash celebrity Zibby Allen will star in the new episodes. Meanwhile, Stacey Faber will also be appearing in a recurring role.

What to expect from Virgin River season 3

Before we dive into spoiler territory for season 2 (please go and see season 2 before reading this), it is essential to be aware that the series itself is based upon the book franchise, which gives the writers no lack of substance being 21 novels strong.

Now, the big cliffhanger going into season 3 is what’s going to happen to Jack. As season 2 draws to a close, Mel enters the bar to find Jack using a gunshot wound and bleeding out on the ground. Another question, of course, is who shot Jack?

As far as we are concerned, you will find five suspects:

  • Brady
  • Calvin
  • Charmaine
  • Vince
  • Along with also the most probable, Jamie

The series bringing back Martin Henderson signifies that Jack is nearly certainly alive but what type of condition he will be in remains to be seen.

Beyond the primary story arc there, we must know what happens with Preacher. Having had plans to depart Virgin River, seems to be held back from ever leaving with Paige’s son Christopher currently reliant on him.

What happens in the connection between Mel and Jack will probably be a contentious subject also with Jack shortly to become a dad.

Hope and Doc appear like a happy couple once more and Lizzie and Ricky will patch things up too.

In an interview released in early February 2021 using ET Canada, Daniel Gillies showed several things we could expect from season 3, for example:

He will be returning for more flashbacks (or visitations, as he calls it, given that his personality is dead)
More detail about the relationship between him and Mel.


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