Lupin Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Information

Lupin Part 2

The closing credits for Lupin confirm that “another area is forthcoming,” so when will new episodes release on Netflix? Here’s what to expect for part 2.

The final credits for Lupin confirm that “another area is forthcoming,” so when will new episodes launch on Netflix? Since premiering in January 2021, the French crime series has been a proper hit for its streaming support, and fans are worried about information about the destiny of “gentleman thief” Assane Diop.

Lupin stars Omar Sy as a Senegalese Frenchman called Assane Diop. Inspired by adventure stories about master thief Arsène Lupin, he adopts the character’s persona as an adult whilst investigating a conspiracy that resulted in his father’s suicide. The Netflix series co-stars French actress Ludivine Sagnier since the protagonist’s ex-wife, Claire.

The Lupin component 1 finale includes plenty of familial drama, as Assane journeys to Étretat, France together with Claire and their 14-year-old son, Raoul. Flashback sequences detail the context for the burglar’s broken love and help explain why Claire becomes a bit nervous when Assane disappears during the train ride. As with the preceding four Lupin episodes, there is a wink-of-the-eye nod to the audience during a climactic confrontation, however, Netflix leaves audiences hanging with not one, but two major shows. Since Assane is a likable gentleman burglar, fans of the show may be stressed out about his future. Here is what to anticipate for Lupin part two.

When will Lupin Part 2 premiere?

On January 28, Netflix formally confirmed that part two of Lupin will introduction in the summer of 2021 with five episodes, which will be directed by filmmakers Ludovic Bernard (The Climb) and Hugo Gélin (Love at Second Sight). The show’s return this season was initially shown in a profile of Sy at The New York Times, which also included some fantastic insights into how the show’s creative team, including director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) and showrunner George Kay (“Criminal”), developed the idea behind the sequence.

Lupin Part 2

Who will star in Lupin part two?

Omar Sy will, of course, return to play the gentleman thief Assane, who gets his tips and techniques from literary character Arsène Lupin. The Young Pope celebrity Ludivine Sagnier will also reprise her role as Assane’s ex-partner Claire.

Additionally appearing in part two will be Hervé Pierre as the corrupt Pellegrini patriarch, while Clotilde Hesme plays Juliette Pellegrini. Soufiane Guerrab will return as Yousseff Guedira, likely with a prominent role after he faced Assane on the shore promenade in the conclusion of part one.

What is the future of Lupin?

Although fans were thrilled that part two of season one was confirmed to reunite in summer 2021, many are eager to know if another season beyond the ten episodes might be on the cards.

After reports beginning swirling, the show’s founder George Kay addressed the future of the comedy-drama. “We’re story-lining that, and I’m sure that’ll come, “We’re actively story-lining with actual confidence that that’s gonna happen.”

He added: “Because [the] response to the first five episodes would suggest that we have got every chance that [season two] would be coming next year – unless something goes wrong!”

What will happen in Lupin part 2?

Part one adopted protagonist Assane because he tried to address the mystery of the villainous Hubert Pellegrini to absolve his dad’s name.

But one savvy detective found Assane’s individuality.

Detective Youssef was intrigued and impressed with Assane’s subterfuge over recent episodes, so the mastermind might even be able to get Youssef on the side to clinch Hubert’s guilt.

Meanwhile, Pellegrini now knows the identity of his pursuer, so Assane will need to be cautious in his endeavors heading forward.

After Raoul’s catch by Pellegrini’s henchman, who understands where the show could take us fans are hoping for a happy family reunion over anything else.


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