‘My Little Pony’ Movie To Finally Premiere On Netflix

My Little Pony

Like so many other majors, Paramount Pictures is having serious financial difficulties during the pandemic, which little by little have lead to the sale of projects to other companies. In the case of its association with eOne, a company that is not in its best moment either, the coronavirus crisis has ended up causing it to lose the exhibition rights of My Little Pony, a film that it had planned to release on November 24. Netflix has taken over these rights, however, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, its idea is still to release the film at some point in 2021.

My Little Pony is produced by Hasbro and marks the first major film dedicated to one of its most famous toy brands. Since it was born in the 80s, My Little Pony has continued to modernize and retain the public, giving rise to numerous animated adaptations, in the form of feature films and series. Since Hasbro and Paramount are associated with such lucrative brands as Transformers, the most logical thing would have been that the major would have been in charge of releasing it in theaters when COVID-19 made it possible, but the board has ended up opting for a simpler solution.

My Little Pony

It also happens within the framework of an apparent effort by Netflix so that its catalog is nourished by original animated proposals. My Little Pony, directed by Rob Cullen, Jose Ucha, and Mark Fattibene, would thus join a set of animated productions that have already given a lot to talk about from the platform such as Klaus, The Willoughby brothers, or the most recent Beyond the Moon. Not to mention SpongeBob SquarePants: A Hero to the Rescue, which Netflix also got from Paramount last year. Hopefully, it won’t take long for My Little Pony to receive a release date on the streaming platform.


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