Invisible City Season 2: Everything You Know So Far

Invisible City Season 2

Netflix’s ‘Invisible City’ adapts and modernizes Brazilian folklore effortlessly from the hyped world of pop culture. Comparable Ragnarok’, which superbly revives Norse mythology,’ Invisible City’ shows promise and enticingly draws viewers to its intriguing premise. The show opens theatrically using a flashback in which two men trek via a volcano in the dark. One of them attempts to take a bird for playful entertainment but is knocked down by a flaming spear thrown by a monster called the Curupira, characterized by a flaming head and backward-facing feet. The beast is popular in Brazilian mythology which emerged as something brand new to the American public, who were amazed and nervous by its grotesque appearance. The very first season proved to be a fine mixture of recognizable fashion figures along with a deep dip into Brazilian culture. Here’s everything we know about Season 2 invisible City’.

Release date

Set to take Brazilian folklore into a contemporary audience, this Portuguese net series will dazzle you with its stunning landscapes and narrative. The first season premiered on Netflix Friday, February 5, 2021, with seven episodes. Right now, there seems to be no affirmation for the second season but we will let you understand as soon as the creators greenlit the series.

Invisible City Season 2

Invisible City Season 2 plot:

what is it around? Invisible City follows the life of Eric, an environmental cop that attempts to track down his wife’s killer. Being a folklorist, it’s no surprise that he’s soon drawn into a world where mythical creatures exist. He also investigates a strange underground society interested in a pink river dolphin being sailed off the coast. He soon finds all the dark secrets of the place but knows much too much to get through without any danger to his life. Sure enough, he’s struck by the curse of their Dry Body that motivates him to take his own life in the first season finale.

If the show is renewed, it is going to be fascinating to witness the improvements encompassing a cursed Eric, that did not die. Curupira’s story could also get some focus, as well as possibly new creatures that will engage audiences in a different exploratory season.

Invisible City Season 2 Cast

Ironically, each cast member of Invisible City will return to reprise their roles in season two, except for those who perished in the middle of this mayhem in season 1. Isac (Wesley Guimarães, Brotherhood) unexpectedly died after he confronted a possessed Luna whose entire body was taken over by a deity that hauled into Eric’s body. Likely, Eric, Camila, Inês, and Ciço (José Dumont) will return, because of just how important they are in the main plot. Fabiana (Tainá Medina) may come back as well because she went into labor in the season finale. She and her baby will likely play an even bigger role in Invisible City season 2. As of this writing, there are no verified cast members, but lovers can expect the most important cast to return.


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