Tribes Of Europa Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Story And All Details

Tribes Of Europa Season 2

All about the second season of Tribes of Europa

Tribes of Europa has arrived on Netflix and is making a splash. It is already being considered the “new Dark” of the platform.

Dark, incidentally, has shot to fame and success with its deep storyline and unique characters, as well as its ability to defy the rules of time and space to bring a cohesive story. And the series’ producers haven’t finished challenging the world of science fiction – after all, they’re behind Tribes of Europa.

The series aims to bring the aesthetics and styles of Dark’s rich and deep characters to the post-dystopian world of Europe. And with the already predictable success, we went after details of the second season. So stay tuned to the official news.

Renewal and release date

Tribes of Europa debuted on Netflix on February 19. In all, the first season released six episodes of 45 minutes each.

So far, the streaming platform has not commented on a second season, but this is common – after all, Netflix takes a few weeks to assess the performance of a series in front of the public and whether it is worth the investment for a second season.

Given the renewal, therefore, and taking into account the one-year time that Netflix gives between the release of one season and another, we have a forecast that the second season of Tribe of Europa will premiere only between February and March 2022.

Tribes Of Europa Season 2


Emilio Sakraya plays Kiano, one of the three main brothers. Sakarya is best known for his role in Netflix’s Warrior Nun. He is accompanied by Henriette Confucius in the role of Liv, his sister. Confucius is a multi-award-winning actress, with a filmography ranging from historical dramas to fantasy.

Also, Tribes of Europa features debutant David Ali Rashed plays Elja. Melika Forourtan plays the antagonist of the series.

Other cast names include Oliver Masucci, Ana Ularu, Robert Finster, Benjamin Sadler, Jannik Schümann, Jeanette Hain as well as James Faulkner.

Spoilers: what will happen?

The story follows three brothers from the Origine tribe – Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), Liv (Henriette Confucius), and Elja (David Ali Rashed). They split up after an Atlantean pilot crashed near Origines village and the Ravens attack. Kiano is taken prisoner by the Ravens, while Liv ends the Crimson Republic. Meanwhile, the pilot secretly gives Elja a mysterious cube and asks him to return it to the Atlanteans, as it contains records that can decide the fate of humanity.

According to the series’ production notes, creator Philip Koch was inspired to create Tribes of Europa in 2016, after voters in the UK voted to leave the European Union. In shock with Koch after the Brexit decision, he envisioned a post-apocalyptic scenario in which Europe was divided into individual tribes who could not agree.

Although the story looks depressing, Koch said the pandemic helped to ease the overall tone of the series. “When I originally developed the story, the apocalyptic mood was more pronounced, ” he said. “But as we now feel as if we are experiencing the real apocalypse, we have come up with the theme ‘new beginning’ more strongly. The series has become more positive and, at the same time, more epic. ”

Given the outcome and the unfolding of the plot, there is material for a second and third season to explore more of the theme. A second season is expected to happen soon.

As soon as the producers confirm more news of the plot, we will update this story.


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