Money Heist Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Recent Updates

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist is preparing to lose its fifth installment shortly on Netflix. The Spanish offense series has gained popularity across the world. ‘Money Heist’ took the net by storm after it began airing an internet streaming agency in 2017. It stood out as the most popular series for six successive weeks on the stage.

The audience is eagerly waiting for its makers to launch the fifth season. Here Is What we know about the release:

Has the Money Heist release date been confirmed?

Fans of this crime thriller will understand the forthcoming fifth season will be the last to air on Netflix.

At the end of 2020, Netflix confirmed the final 10 episodes will be released in 2021.

So far, nothing much more tangible has been announced yet about when it’ll be published.

However, some Spanish publications have started speculating more about this.

Lately, the Spanish book Marca reported that the series could be published this summer.

The release date they’ve declared is mid-August 2021.

In an article on Monday, February 8, they wrote: “We will need to wait till summer when the episodes arrive in the streaming stage.

“The official announcement with the specific date will occur within the next few days”

Despite the report, Netflix hasn’t confirmed yet whether this is accurate.

Therefore, it seems like fans of the show will need to keep waiting to see if any more is revealed in the forthcoming days.

Some audiences responded to the news on Reddit with trepidation it can be too good to be true.

User mhfan_india wrote: “Can this website reliable? I had been hoping it would come out sooner. This is unsatisfactory.”

Even though Redditor deafonreddit added: “That is good news let’s hope for the best.”

A third fan named Luke_4686 agreed, adding it would be quite impressive if they were able to release it so soon.

They wrote: “Given everything that has happened in the last year it is a miracle they’ve been able to get it out so soon.

“They started filming around September time. Shows normally require a whole year to film and edit.

“So that they have done it in the same timescale WITH a global pandemic is very impressive.”

There have also been reports lately about filming wrap on the last season of the show.

This was confirmed by one of the stars on social media last week.

On January 31, Colonel Tamayo celebrity Fernando Cayo submitted a video of him teasing this.

Alongside the Instagram article, he wrote in the caption: “One more day at the office. Con [with] @fsotolopez_oficial #LCDP5.”

Money Heist Season 5

However, at the moment, it feels like the majority of these upgrades are based on speculation.

The only real official things confirmed by Netflix so much are the series 10 episodes in addition to a brief tease about what’s going to occur.

Speaking after it had been renewed in July 2020, creator Álex Pina explained: “We’ve spent nearly a year thinking about how to ruin the band.

“The way to place the Professor about the ropes. The way to get into scenarios that are irreversible for many personalities.

“The result is that the fifth season of La Casa de Papel. The war reaches its most extreme and barbarous levels, but it’s also the most exciting and epic season.”

What to expect from season 5 of Money Heist

Let’s quickly recap the events of part 4 and also how it wrapped up. The heist is very much still on with Lisbon now joining the rest of the gang at the Bank of Spain.

The biggest challenge facing the group is that The Professor is now the one who has been caught red-handed. Using a gun to him, the series cuts to credits using a brand new rendition of Bella Caio.

There have been lots of theories on Alicia that have gone rogue. Some on Reddit consider her pregnancy to be imitation and many others believe she’s the ex-wife of Berlin who had been introduced in the fourth season.

Back in the lender, the gang currently has to work on the final phases of this heist and begin their escape. We all know the team is ongoing in the basement to melt down the gold into small balls for extraction.

Of course, the big question that will come if the staff does manage to escape is if they can continue to keep their freedom, unlike the time of course. Is it possible for them to live normal lives? After all, all their identities are out in the open.

Let’s get into spoiler tips for the upcoming final season.

Firstly, Berlin is set to return with numerous posts from the actor and Vancouver Media teasing his return. Of course, most of his looks in Money Heist, because part two happens to be flashbacks which this suggests, will continue moving into the final season.

Secondly, Alex Pina in an interview confirmed that season 5 will likely become an all-out war saying”the gang will then be pushed into irreversible situations, into a wild war. It is the most epic component of all of the parts we’ve shot.”

Pina also stated: “We’ve spent almost a year considering how to ruin the band. The Way to place the Professor on the ropes. The way to enter situations that are irreversible for all personalities. The result is that the fifth season of La Casa de Papel. The war reaches its most extreme and savage amounts, but it’s also the most epic and exciting season”.


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