The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Release Date, Story And Know The All Possible Details

The Uncanny Counter Season 2

Following the season finale achieved the greatest ratings in the show’s history, the fantasy thriller has left fans searching for Season 2.

The Uncanny Counter” is a South Korean television show about a bunch of demon hunters called”Counters” who present as employees in a small noodle shop. It is a fantasy adventure show where ordinary humans get incredible superb powers that they fight to harness.

The very first season of the show is presently available to flow on Netflix.

The series is based on the webtoon”Amazing Rumor” from Jang Yi and centers on the chief character So Mun. He’s a handicapped high school boy which was randomly chosen for a Counter. Through battling bloodthirsty demons and reconnecting to his past, So Mun begins to discover the horrible truth behind his parents’ passing.

Quick Synopsis of ‘The Uncanny Counter’

In”The Uncanny Counter,” each character has a soul living in them. During that soul, they all get their power. There are four Counters incomplete. Can Ha-na is a cold-hearted woman who can sense evil spirits and read people’s memories when she touches them. Ga Mo-tak is a retired detective who is super strong and can jump great distances. Choo Mae-ok is your motherly figure with amazing healing abilities, and lastly, So Mun, who is the newest addition to the wicked soul hunting group, possesses superhuman pace and psychometry. Together they search for and fight against evil spirits that escaped in the afterlife to prey on humans.

All of the Counters went through a life-or-death experience, which explains why they were all chosen to hunt down evil spirits in exchange to be able to live their own lives — except for So Mun, who was picked at random.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2

When To Expect Season 2

“The Uncanny Counter” finished with huge success. It had been verified in late January a second season is currently in the works, and it is rumored to start filming this September. If the plan goes through, it could be released in January 2022.

In the last episode, the Counters complete their investigation and tie up all of the loose ends, demonstrating a group dynamic that will probably be explored in the second season. There are a few superb emotional moments, including the reunion with Consequently Mun’s parents. The Counters are also advised they need to learn more about the country and bring down more wicked spirits. They do not exactly like the thought, but still, venture out on a road trip.

The production team of the movie didn’t originally plan on producing another season. But, after the successful run of the series, “The Uncanny Counter” may wind up getting a seasonal show. It’s still not verified whether or not it will continue to be streamed on Netflix.

Plot: The Uncanny Counter Season 2

Much like the renewal and release date, the makers chose to maintain the upcoming plot under wraps too and looking at its success and viewership rates it’s the best strategy. However, we can expect the old storyline to continue and the four buddies continuing their work and protecting humankind with all the forces they have. Although, there may be others joining the present cast and prospects and make the story progress. All these are speculations but it’s too early to affirm or deny anything concerning the plot and series of the upcoming season.


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