Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 7: Release Date And Everything You Must Know!!

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 7

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 7 is currently releasing this Wednesday on NHK Educational TV at the designated time. The popular isekai anime is gaining popularity because of its game theme and the series of events that followed the storyline. Season 3 is broadly known as Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table among anime fans who premiered the first installment on 13 Jan 2021 on NHK.

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date

‘Log Horizon’ season 3 episode 7,’ titled’Not A Curse,’ is set to premiere on February 24, 2021, on NHK Educational TV. Studio Deen produced the forthcoming season, with Shinji Ishihara serving as the director and Toshizo Nemoto as the primary scriptwriter. Yasuharu Takanashi supplied the music, also Tomochi Kosaka managed the character designs. The rock band Band-Maid performed the opening motif track”Different,” and Miyu Oshiro conducted the end theme track”Blue Horizon.”

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 7

Log Horizon S3 Ep 7 Spoilers

Log Horizon Season 3 episode 7 preview shows that Kanami and the group members are forced to fight against mind-controlled Elias. They do not want to fight but they have to. It’ll be intriguing to see how Kanami will handle this whole situation today.

Episode 6 Recap

In episode 6, Misa and Rieze say Shiroe that they have a concept from Krusty and want to ship it by a puppet show, complex Shiroe, and nearly everybody else who’ve gathered there. Akatsuki declares that she’s used her womanly art to make among many puppets.

Following his rescue, Crusty found shelter in a temple. A magician called Youren maintains the temple. But, Crusty was affected by a curse that seals nearly all of his powers and recollections.

Meanwhile, the Kanami and her staff arrive inside the area to ascertain what brought on the Apocalypse, the event that introduced the gamers into the sport. One of Kanami’s partners is Elias Hackblade, a Historical Blademaster featured in’Elder Tale’ posters.

Elias is troubled with the curse of the private. He can’t convey down any opponent beneath 25 percent of the whole HP. As he is a level 100 personality, Elias can’t accompany his teammates into the dungeon they find.

Elias is a level 100 character, so he’s denied entry in a close-by dungeon. This contributes to Kanami and others leaving him behind. They additionally accuse Crusty of being a Guru, and Yourei convinces Elias to fight Crusty.

Somehow, Crusty handles to flee along with his life, however barely. Meanwhile, Yourei puts Elias beneath her direction by using her abilities. The episode ends with Misa and Rieze tripping the show and also taking a restroom break.


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