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One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All The Possible Details Of The Show

One Punch Man Season 3

Here is what to expect from One-Punch Man season 3. Based on the manga series by ONE and Yusuke Murata, the One-Punch Man anime has enjoyed fame with both Japanese and Western audiences and recently wrapped up its second season. Where One-Punch Man’s debut season focused on establishing the core personalities of Saitama, Genos, and the Heroes Association, season 2 moved towards a more traditional story structure, establishing Orochi as an overarching antagonist. It remains to be observed which type of story One-Punch Man season 3 will inform.

Additionally, One-Punch Man season 2 introduced the series’ very first antihero, Garou, and spent several episodes developing encouraging characters such as Bang, Fubuki, and King but stopped on somewhat of a strange note, together with Saitama beating Elder Centipede and Garou being abducted by new villains, the Monster Association. This leaves lots of storyline paths for One-Punch Man season 3 to travel down, and fresh interesting scenarios for the titular hero to find himself tied up in.

Despite getting a more mixed critical response, One-Punch Man’s next season was massively popular and thoughts now begin to turn towards season 3. One-Punch Man season 3 will be a massive event in the arcade world, with fans expecting to see their favorite show try and reach its own season 1 heights once more.

One-Punch Man Season 3 Renewal Info

At this point, no official statement of One-Punch Man season 3’s renewal was issued, however considering that the show’s popularity, it is hard to imagine it not returning. As noted in the section below, a Japanese-language tweet on One-Punch Man’s official account indicated new episodes will eventually materialize. One-Punch Man season 3 is more a question of when than if.

When will Season 3 of OPM release?

Release dates of Season 3 are not declared but there are chances of it getting released in 2022. Yes, it is going to take time, and also the rationale behind is, the massive fan base. With the huge fan base comes a massive responsibility of making it up to the mark along with the expectations of lovers. The bars are already very high and that’s why directors and founders will be taking the appropriate time to deliver the best to the audience. Additionally, it may be revealed in late 2021 even, but it’s going to take some time as it is one of the most anticipated anime series of all time.

What Will Be The Plot Of One Punch Man Season 3?

The last few episodes of OPM’s next season had already started the Monster Association arc. Since the arc is still running, the whole number of episodes of One Punch Man Season 3 are more likely to follow the same arc. Season 2’s finale episode ended with the plot of manga’s Chapter 82 and 83. Hence, the next installment will start the story somewhere near Chapter 83-84. As per the upcoming manga volumes, the next season of a One Punch Man will comprise S-class members of the Heroes Association participating in many one-on-one battles with the Monster Association.

The new episodes will likely feature a lot more creatures this moment. Well, given Saitama’s invulnerable powers, he could easily beat any of these creatures that produce any havoc. But, our favorite superhero now wants a rival challenging enough to defeat him. It’s also speculated that Garous would gain new powers, and if that occurs, the One-Punch Man might not be able to conquer him with one punch anymore. It will be exciting to wait for their fight in the upcoming season.

On the flip side, fans might also get to learn more about Lord Orochi in 1 Punch Man Season 3. Well, all anime viewers have only seen that other monsters were fearful of being consumed by the leader of Dragon Organization. Aside from that, the last season did not research his powers at all. Being the only one who could conquer Saitama, their struggle is going to be one of the very best on the show so far. As of this moment, we can only expect to visit Saitama and Lord Orochi face to confront OPM Season 3.

One Punch Man Season 3 Cast List

Cast rundown and voice entertainers:

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