Vikings Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Updates

Vikings Season 7

Will the Vikings win the seventh season?

The historic television drama Vikings brought together a large number of fans, especially for their performances and the representation of the best battle scenes on TV.

The series revolves around Ragnar Lothbrok, his sons, and his fellow warriors, as they expand the Viking kingdom. Created by Michael Hirst, the series premiered on March 3, 2013, on the History Channel. If you are wondering about the future of the series, here is everything you need to know!

7th season: will it happen? And what is the debut date?

First of all, we need to emphasize: unfortunately, the seventh season will not happen officially. That’s because, in 2019, History canceled Vikings, confirming that the sixth season would be the last.

However, the channel also showed an intention to continue the series’ mythology and therefore confirmed that it would make a derived series entitled Vikings: Valhalla. Subsequently, the channel assigned the rights to Netflix and, with that, the new production will win the title of “original Netflix series”.

So, even if a seventh season doesn’t officially exist, a derivative is on its way.

The recordings have already started and the expectation is that it will debut in 2021 – although there is a forecast that it will arrive only in the first quarter of 2022.

Vikings Season 7

Cast: Who will be in the new episodes?

In Vikings: Valhalla, the cast will be all original. So, therefore, don’t expect to see a familiar face from the series you know.

In the episodes of ” Valhall “, Sam Corlett ( Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ) will play Leif Eriksson, a Greenlander raised on the outskirts of the known world. He comes from a close-knit family, immersed in ancient pagan beliefs. An intrepid and physically strong sailor, Leif is our entry into a Viking world amid violent change.

Frida Gustavsson ( The Witcher ) will play Freydis Eriksdotter who is fiercely pagan, impetuous, and obstinate. She strongly believes in the “old gods”. Like her brother, Leif, she comes to Kattegat as an outsider but becomes an inspiration to the ancients. If you remember, Frida was one of the cast members we revealed earlier.

Leo Suter (The Liberator ) will play Harald Sigurdsson. Born in the Viking nobility, Harald is one of the last Viking berserkers. Charismatic, ambitious, and beautiful, he manages to unite followers of Odin and Christians.

The cast also confirmed names including Laura Berlin ( Breaking Even ), David Oakes ( The Borgias ), Caroline Henderson ( Christmas Star ), Pollyanna McIntosh ( The Walking Dead ), as well as Asbjorn Krogh Nissen ( Bron ).

Spoilers: what will happen?

The series will focus on a plot more than 100 years after the events of Vikings. With the end of the Viking era ever closer, the Kingdom of England stands out against its Scandinavian invaders. After the death of King Edward, the Confessor, three lords claim the English throne, changing England’s future forever.

In a recent interview, Hirst commented on how Valhalla will be connected to the original series, confirming that we will see many of the same locations from it:

“What Jeb [Stuart] does is pay attention to the mythology of the Vikings. So, whenever they meet in the great hall in Kattegat, and of course, they talk about the great ages that used to sit in the same hall at the same table, and they were Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, and Bjorn Ironside, and Ivar, the Sem Bones, which are now mythical characters even within the show, even within ‘Vikings: Valhalla’.

This is an excellent connection and effect. He gives ready-made stories for the new show. So you don’t need to know who Ragnar is to watch the new show. But it enriches the show and hopefully will make people come back and find out: ‘Well, who are these people they are always talking about? Was Ragnar that good? Why are these people mythical characters? ‘So, everything connects in a useful, interesting as well as fascinating way. ”.


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